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2021 Commissioner's Update

TO:  Recreation Directors & Softball League Directors, Team Managers & Players
FROM:  Scott Kelly, District Commissioner
DATE:  November 20, 2020

I am writing to let you know about updates and reminders for USA Softball of Michigan.  These dates are very important, so please do not fail to take action so that your team or league will be able to participate this summer.

If you are in charge of a league, please contact Scott immediately.  Team registration forms are available from the home page of this web-site - at the bottom right of the page to be filled out, printed and mailed in with registration fees to MASA in Midland (address is on the form).

Important dates include: USA Softball of Michigan Hall of Fame nominations need to be submitted to Scott before March 1st for consideration 1-2 years later. Youth teams (Junior Olympic) that wish to participate in MASA State Finals must have their teams registered and on-line rosters completed before May 1st. All JO parents must sign the concussion waiver and all coaches involved with JO softball must complete a concussion training and send verification with a digital certificate to the state office in Midland.

All adult team registrations must be received at the MASA office in Midland no later than June 15th.  If the registrations are sent in before June 1st, the cost is $50 per team.  After June 1st but before June 15th, the cost increases to $65 per team.  All teams wishing to participate in USA Softball tournaments must be registered. IF THIS IS NOT DONE BY JUNE 15TH, THE TEAM AND PLAYERS ON THE TEAM WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR PARTICIPATION IN STATE TOURNAMENT PLAY.

ball orders - as soon as possible  (Contact Scott to see if an order can still be placed with the MASA state office)
field owner’s insurance - required to be a host site for all levels of state tournaments
team registration deadlines - $50 before June 1st / $65 after June 1st but before June 15th (these dates may change following the January annual softball meeting**)
ASA roster submission deadlines -  before June 1st, done on-line at For existing teams from last year, the MASA state office would like you to request a copy of your previous roster from them, update and return to them in Midland. Links for email and websites for MASA are located to the left.

classification - there is a pitcher classification list for men's fast pitch, with final team classification being reviewed by a committee at the state level in early July. Slow pitch classification is also being addressed through a state representative committee as well. Individual classification for all slow pitch and fast pitch players is now taking place as well.

Reminder that classification cannot take place without a team's completed roster!! Must be submitted through

Reminder to utilize the MASA web-site located at: Please refer to the web-site for updates related to rules, necessary forms, questions, tournament information, approved bat listing and a host of various topics that may come up pertaining to all divisions of softball.

"Field Owner’s Insurance” offered through Bollinger is a requirement for any field hoping to host any level of state tournaments or ASA sanctioned tournaments.  All players are required to sign a Waiver and Release Form and youth players must have a signature by the parent.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at the numbers listed at the top of this page.

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