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District 21 Hall of Fame

Current Members of the USA Softball of Michigan (former MASA) Hall of Fame representing District 21 Softball:

Scott Kelly, Player, Charlevoix - inducted in 2015

Petoskey News Review article

Lynda Christensen, Meritorious Service, Boyne City - inducted in 2014

Petoskey News Review article

Beverly (Johnecheck) (Sobleski) Neville, Meritorious Service, Petoskey - inducted in 2014

Petoskey News Review article

Stacey Barber-Walker, Player, Gaylord - inducted in 2013

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Deb Hamlin, Player, Alanson - inducted in 2011

Marty Stempke, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 2011

Billy Norton, Umpire, Sault Ste. Marie - inducted in 2010

Meg (Fowler) Kitson, Player, East Jordan - inducted in 2009

Pam (Friske) Hodge, Player, Petoskey - inducted in 2009

Fochtman Motor Company, Sponsor, Petoskey - inducted in 2009

Mike Lalonde, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 2008

Julie Biddick, Player, Petoskey - inducted in 2007

Monica (Zulski) Kline, Player, Pellston - inducted in 2006

Leroy Buchanan, Manager, Charlevoix - inducted in 2006

Jerry Rosevear, Meritorious Service, Petoskey - inducted in 2005

Clayton McGovern, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 2004

Gene Kruskie, Player, Petoskey - inducted in 2004

Rex Marquardt, Meritorious Service, Petoskey - inducted in 2002

Dick Harbaugh, Meritorious Service, Petoskey - inducted in 2002

Orland Thayer, Player, Harbor Springs - inducted in 2001

George Wheelock, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 2000

Bill Drake, Player, Traverse City - inducted in 2000

Ormsbee Motors, Sponsor, Cheboygan - inducted in 1999

Mark Preseau, Player, Traverse City - inducted in 1999

Dick Bare, Player, Petoskey - inducted in 1998

Bob Loveland, Player, Traverse City - inducted in 1997

Bob Klooster, Player, Charlevoix - inducted in 1996

Ed White, Commissioner, Petoskey - inducted in 1991

Dick Alpers, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 1991

Tom Connors, Player, Cheboygan - inducted in 1991


MASA now meets in April to decide the inductees for the following January. Our local committee needs completed application manuals / booklets by March 1st. Please contact Scott for more details about this process.

We have recently formed a "MASA Hall of Fame Nominating Committee" for District 21 Softball.  This group has determined criteria and guidelines for nominating local individuals and developed a form to nominate individuals to be considered for MASA Hall of Fame nomination.  Check back later for downloadable documents.

Hall of Fame Nominating Procedures

This nominating committee will determine who is selected for nomination to the Michigan ASA Hall of Fame.  The Michigan ASA Hall of Fame has a separate committee that reviews applicants for inclusion into the MASA Hall of Fame.  If a candidate is selected for nomination by the D21 Committee, there is no guarantee that they will be selected to the MASA Hall of Fame.

Nominating Criteria



1.01   To honor those men and women who have played a major role in the growth and development of softball in Michigan.
1.02   To help bring to the attention of the public the wide-spread value of, and interest in the game of softball by so honoring those who have made outstanding contributions to it's success.




Each voting member of the Board of Commissioners and each Hall of Fame member shall have the opportunity to nominate no more than two (2) candidates from his area each year.


NOTE: A candidate for the Hall of Fame does not have to be nominated by a person from their district.

2.02   Nominations will close on and must be received by March 1st annually.
2.03   The allocated number of inductees shall be a maximum of eight (8) each year.

Any man or woman elected to the ASA National Softball Hall of Fame who meets MASA requirements, may be elected to the MASA Hall of Fame and shall be in addition to the allocated number of inductees. 


Approval: Approval for acceptance into the MASA Hall of Fame shall require a three-fourths (3/4) vote of the MASA Hall of Fame committee present.


The names of candidates proposed for selection to the MASA Hall of Fame shall remain confidential and released only to the MASA Hall of Fame Selection Committee prior to public announcement.


Removal: The MASA Hall of Fame committee, by three-fourths (3/4) vote, may, with just cause, recommend removal of an individual elected to the MASA Hall of Fame. Such recommendation when approved by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Commissioners shall remove said individual from the MASA Hall of Fame.



3.01   To be selected as a player for the MASA Hall of Fame, a person must have been an active player in MASA.
3.02   The length of playing career is to be considered as a factor in the evaluation of candidates. No minimum playing time is required, but is recommended that candidates have participated in at least five (5) MASA State Tournaments. Accomplishments at local or state level shall be used as a gauge for candidacy. Factual and detailed data must be presented to the Hall of Fame Committee before a candidate may be accepted. Scrapbooks and newspaper articles are acceptable, also letters from competent references, a reproducible photo shall be included.




Non-player candiates may still be active participants.

It is recommended that, to be selected for the MASA Hall of Fame as a non-player, a person meet the minimum requirements in one of five categories:

  1. Umpire fifteen (15) years and distinguished themselves in their field.
  2. Manager fifteen (15) years.
  3. Sponsor ten (10) years.
  4. Commissioner fifteen (15) years and in addition, to qualify for this award, the nominee shall have served in some of the following areas: as a vice president; chairman or vice-chairman of a state committee; host of state tournaments; special recognitions received, and or other services to humanity.
  5. Meritorious Service This category could include individuals or organizations which offer any combination of the above categories. Also, an organizer-builder, years of service, financial contributor, etc.



5.01   A special designed plaque shall be given to those elected to the Hall of Fame.



6.01   Announcement of the year's selection shall be made at the MASA Annual Meeting with special stories sent to the home area of the inductees as directed by the commissioner from the area.
6.02   Formal induction ceremonies and presentation of awards will be made during the Annual Meeting.



7.01   The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of six (6) voting members of the Board of Commissioners appointed by the president for a term of three (3) years, plus the ASA Commissioner, State President and Executive Director.
7.02   The Committee, after studying the nominations shall meet prior to June 01 of each year, to begin balloting for the year's inductees. It is required that five of the committee members be present and voting to elect.
7.03   If a candidate is not selected, the committee will return the application to the submitter. If the submitter so desires, the nominee may be resubmitted at a later date with additional information included.

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Hall of Fame Nominating Form

The District 21 Nominating Committee is accepting nominees for those individuals who have made significant contributions to the sport of ASA Softball in the District 21 area.  The local nominees will be reviewed and the D21 Nominating Committee will select two (2) individuals to be recommended to the MASA Hall of Fame Nominating Committee.  Individuals may be nominated in any of the these six categories:  Player, Manager, Umpire, Sponsor, Commissioner or Meritorious Service.

The criteria for an individual’s nomination are:
1.    A player shall have competed on a registered D21 league team for a period of at least ten (10) years, participated in a minimum of five (5) MASA state tournaments, be inactive for at least two (2) seasons and distinguished themselves as an accomplished player at the state level.
2.    A manager must have managed a registered D21 league team for at least fifteen (15) years.
3.    An umpire must have been MASA registered and worked league games in D21 for at least ten (15) years and distinguished themselves in their field.
4.    A Sponsor must have sponsored a registered D21 league team for at least ten (10) years.
5.    A Commissioner must have served in D21 for at least fifteen (15) years.
6.    A meritorious service nominee must have made significant contributions toward the promotion and preservation of D21 softball.

If you would like to nominate an individual in any of these categories, please fill in the information below:

NOMINEE’S NAME: _________________________________________

CURRENT ADDRESS: ________________________________________

CATEGORY: (circle one)     PLAYER     SPONSOR     MANAGER    UMPIRE 


NOMINEE’S SUMMARY: Player - statistics, batting average, won / loss records, strikeouts, awards, tournament statistics, state tournament participation and records, other significant accomplishments or honors, etc.  Non-player - years of service, team names, records, achievements, years registered as an umpire, honors, etc. FACTS & DETAILS at the STATE LEVEL ARE CRITICAL TO THIS APPLICATION _________________________________________________

Please include your name, address, phone number, email as the committee may wish to contact you for further information if your nominee has been selected for consideration.

YOUR NAME ________________________________________________

ADDRESS, CITY, ZIP__________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER ____________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________

A nominee’s name will remain under consideration for a period of three (3) years.  At which time a new nomination form will have to be submitted in order to remain under consideration for selection.

This nomination form along with attachments should be sent to:
District 21 Softball, 208 West Lincoln, Charlevoix, MI 49720

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