Scott Kelly, District Commissioner 231-547-1144
208 W. Lincoln, Charlevoix, MI 49720

Manager Information


Please make sure your team is registered for USA Softball play through your league or directly through the USA Softball of Michigan state office. Registration deadlines are June 1st.  If you are not sure if your team is registered, please go to the Info Sheets and send in the information for your team and manager to Scott so that everything can be entered if it hasn't already been done.  This year we are attempting to do as much of the registration electronically as possible.   Please send Scott your email address so that information can be sent easily.

Please see the "annual update" for local teams listed on the Commissioner's Page.

USA Softball rosters are due in to Scott before June 1st.


Please make hotel reservations in advance!

Please send Scott your email address or an email address for a team representative so that communications can be simplified. (Use link at top of page)

If you are involved in one of our Invitational Tournaments, please make sure you send in your entry fee as soon as possible to guarantee your spot.  All of our tournaments are ASA Sanctioned and require teams to be registered with ASA.

If you are involved in a national qualifier or state tournament, we need your 1) entry fee, 2) entry form (signed by your commissioner), and 3) your ASA roster (signed and dated by your local commissioner) prior to the entry deadline for the tournament.

Please be advised that we have had problems with mail delivery in the past. Make copies of all paperwork and your check prior to mailing and send a fax copy to Scott at 231-547-4970 to verify that your information has been mailed prior to the entry deadline.

Reminder to all teams visiting Ed White Field:  the City of Petoskey does not permit consumption or possession of alcohol in public places such as the waterfront park.